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Using SOS To Enhance Visibility In Construction Site Inspections

Most construction projects require detailed site inspections to ensure compliance with safety and design specifications. While traditional methods like clipboards and checklists are still widely used, they can be time-consuming and often lack real-time visibility to allow for quick course corrections.

SOS employs various optical, acoustic, and laser sensors to provide a real-time view of the construction site. This data is then processed and displayed in an easily accessible format for both workers and supervisors.

Detect and Mark Problem Areas with Your Phone:

Whether you’re a homeowner or a construction project manager, you realize how easily problem areas can become disguised or forgotten in the hustle and bustle of a construction site. With SOS, you can use your phone to detect and mark problem areas as you find them quickly.

For instance, if you spot a pothole in a location that’s not easily visible from the ground, you can use your phone to take a picture and add it to the site map. You can also include notes about the necessary action to fix the problem.

It allows you to keep track of potential hazards and correct them before they become more significant issues.

Improved Quality Control:

Construction site managers rely on manual inspections to meet quality standards. However, these manual inspections can be time-consuming and often don’t provide a comprehensive view of the construction site. Moreover, you can’t entirely rule out human error.

With SOS, you can conduct a virtual site inspection and get a detailed view of the completed work. The system allows you to share your findings with your team so everyone is on the same page.

This way, you can catch potential quality control issues early on and avoid costly mistakes like rework or delays. In addition, SOS can help you track progress and identify potential risks.

Improved Productivity:

Construction work is a labor-intensive job, and anything that can be done to improve productivity is welcomed. If your crew has to mark spots continually, take notes, construct reports, and attend meetings, it will take away their time on the job.

Not to mention the dip in productivity due to monotonous, time-consuming tasks. Automating these processes with SOS can help your team stay focused and improve performance.

When your crew feels they’re getting more done in a day, their morale will improve. In other words, they’ll be happier at work and more likely to stay with your company for the long haul.

Easy Use of Videos and Photos:

As highlighted above, one of the main benefits of SOS is that it increases communication and collaboration among your team.

Sometimes, communication gaps worsen because people are in different locations.

For example, a construction site supervisor may be based in the office but inspect a project site miles away. In this case, the foreman needs to rely on their team’s daily reports to understand the project’s progress.

It is where SOS comes in to play an important role. With its video and photo capabilities, the foreman can quickly look at what’s going on at the project site. This way, they can immediately catch potential problems and take corrective action.


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