Streamline your entire site inspection and work order process.

Inspect your properties seamlessly and efficiently with your team and vendors to ensure pesky maintenance never slips through the cracks again.
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The future of site inspections for property and facilities management has arrived!

With SpotOnSite’s mark and measure on the go design, one of a kind share feature, and ability to create instant reports, SpotOnSite is truly designed to help you stay on top of all maintenance for your properties.
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Mark and measure from your mobile device, upload time and user stamped photos and videos, generate instant professional looking reports and collaborate seamlessly.

Click each tab to learn more below.
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Mark and measure from your mobile device.

Pinpoint specific repair needs by using Spot mode.
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User time stamped photos and videos.

Snap and upload user time-stamped photos and videos to provide a fully transparent visual of each issue.
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Generate instant professional looking reports.

Quit wasting precious time creating your inspection reports. SpotOnSite’s instant report feature does the work for you demonstrating overall efficiency from start to finish.
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Collaborate effortlessly and seamlessly.

Share your inspections with your team and vendors to collaborate efficiently and effectively all from the palm of your hand.


Pinpoint exact repair needs during inspections by using Spot mode for issues like potholes, busted sprinklers, damaged doors and more.


Snap time-stamped photos and videos to provide a transparent look at each issue before, during and after repairs are completed. No more transferring data, all photos and videos are saved to the cloud inside of your dashboard.
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Quit wasting time creating your own inspection reports.

Our interactive PDF-formatted reports paint a perfect visual of what needs to be completed.
SpotOnSite App view on iPad
Project Sharing Feature in SpotOnSite App


Share your inspections with your team and vendors to collaborate in the same place, in real time.

Outdated and archaic process? Need a solution? SpotOnSite is the solution!

Don’t believe us, watch this testimonial from the VP of property management for PMI Gold Coast below.


SpotOnSite App Homepage In Laptop

Stay organized and connected with the SpotOnSite dashboard.

Bring your entire team's projects together in one shared space. Collaborate, view, and share projects, generate reports and work orders on any web browser at any time.
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Review your inspections.

All your inspection data from photos, videos, comments, and more are saved under the properties tab. Review your entire catalog of inspections with ease and as often as you would like!
Latest Project Details

Project Overview

SpotOnSite’s unique dashboard allows you to view each inspection in detail. Right down to every photo, video, comment, measurement, and more in an organized and detailed fashion.
Filter issues based on type.
Create requests for every proposal.
Control and organization of every facility issue.
Effectively categorize liabilities and needs.
Convert your inspections to PDF, print and save! It’s truly that simple!
SpotOnSite App Project Overview Page

Advanced Filtering

Only need to see specific issues from an inspection? NO problem! With SpotOnSite’s advanced filtering, you have the power to filter what is most important to you or your vendor. You can filter issues and instantly convert and save them into a PDF. Use the PDF as a resource such as a work order that can be sent directly to your team and vendors!
Advanced Search Features
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Streamline your job scopes with our mobile app.
Organize your measurements, photos, and comments all in your dashboard.
Improve transparency with time-stamped & dated documentation
Collaborate seamlessly and share projects with your team and customers
Instantly generate professional-looking reports and send them to your customers
Immediately start & create new projects inside of your dashboard.
Effortlessly perform take-offs at your desk.
Customize your company's settings within the dashboard.
Promptly button up your projects & send them to your customers to win more work.


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