Your Go-To Sales accelerator tool for asphalt and concrete maintenance estimators.

Provide transparency to your customers, stand out from the competition, and communicate seamlessly to make sure every project runs smoothly from start to finish.
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What Is

SpotOnSite is a tool designed to allow you to scope 2x more projects daily by combining your sitemaps, measurements, photos, and notes into organized and professional reports that will impress your customers and improve job site communication.
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Measure and mark
on the go

Effortlessly measure distances and mark locations right from your mobile device. Keep all your projects organized and accessible in one handy place while offering unparalleled transparency to your customers.
Start Saving Time
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Time-stamped photos and videos

Let your visuals tell the story. Time-stamped photos and videos provide a clear and comprehensive view of each job site, fostering trust and transparency with your customers.
Provide Visuals

Generate Professional Reports Instantly

Swiftly generate professional reports with your company logo to impress your clients and secure more jobs. Set yourself apart from the competition.
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Effortless Collaboration

Keep everyone on the same page, from the sales team to the on-site crew. Document and communicate job progress seamlessly, right from the palm of your hand.
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Want to save 10-15 
hours PER WEEK using

Pictures speak a thousand words. See how Ryan transformed his workflow with SpotOnSite in just 3 months.
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Stay Organized And Connected With The SpotOnSite Dashboard

Unify all your team's projects in a single, shared environment. Foster collaboration, exchange and view tasks, and create reports and work orders effortlessly, all accessible from any web browser at any moment.
Stay Organized

Project Review

Scroll through your complete library of saved projects. Every single piece of project data, from measurements and photos to videos and comments, is safely tucked away under the properties tab.

Project Overview

Here's the cool part: each project you create comes with its detailed overview, and even better, there's an interactive map that allows both you and your customers to zero in on every reported repair issue, no matter where it's located. With SpotOnSite, you can:
Identify each repair area
Estimate quicker using the project summary
Provide transparency with time-stamped photos and comments
Collaborate in real-time from the office to the job site
And here's a bonus: SpotOnSite's project summary feature does the number crunching for you by adding up your measurements. You'll be able to estimate faster, more efficiently, and with pinpoint accuracy!

Project Summary

Let's make sure your customers get exactly what they're after. SpotOnSite's advanced dashboard allows you to filter your projects by specific zones, issues, and ratings. Our advanced filtering is a game-changer - it helps your customers budget and plan for issues based on liabilities, severity, and needs.
Project Summary in SpotOnSide App

Our Pricing Varies Based On Your Needs

Book a demo to see which package best fits your needs.
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Maximizing Your Efficiency with SpotOnSite

Your Questions Answered
No, switching is SUPER simple. We aimed to make SpotOnSite a simple, easy-to-use tool that takes under 10 minutes to set up. As far as incorporating this into your business, it takes a team effort to make sure you use SpotOnSite regularly in your processes. As much as we want to be able to force users to use our app, we can't. So it is up to you to decide how much you want to get out of SpotOnSite, but it all starts with actually using it.
Great question. SpotOnSite does not fully integrate with any program yet. However, we have made it super simple to attach shareable links that you can copy & paste into your emails, proposals, invoices, or anywhere you need someone to view your inspections.
We understand that you don't have time to make the switch or train your team on using this. Maybe you think it would be better to wait until the off-season.

As contractors ourselves, we know this busy time is chaotic. You’re trying to make sure you hit revenue goals, handle employee and job site issues, and win work. We created SpotOnSite to be set up and ready to use in under 10 minutes (literally). If you take a few hours to slow down and incorporate a program that will allow you and your team to scope jobs faster, win more work & eliminate those unnecessary trips to your job sites, you will be able to see how SpotOnSite can alleviate your chaos.

Let me ask you this, are you willing to slow down a few hours to speed up and improve your business? If so, then there is no BAD time to switch.
We get this question A TON. Yes, Google Earth is a great program and it is free. However, you can't use Google Earth when you are mobile. Google Earth doesn't take pictures of damages or create reports that help you improve your presentation to customers...

If you only want a measuring tool, then Google Earth is for you.

If you care about what you send to your customers and want to stand out from the competition, then SpotOnSite is right for you. We're not for everybody.
You're right; it doesn't take long. We encourage you to use your wheel to measure small patch areas, sidewalk sections, etc., in conjunction with the app. However, even if you use a wheel with a pen and paper to write down your measurements, you still have to spend time adding up all of your measurements and, sort them by repair type, then begin estimating.

SpotOnSite does this for you. SpotOnSite doesn't necessarily save you time on the front end while you’re scoping jobs; it saves you all the time on the back end when you go to create your estimate & proposal.
There are two ways you can share your projects/site inspections with your clients.

You can send them a unique interactive link that allows the customer to view your maps, pictures, and comments on their desktop.

You can also send your customer a professional PDF report that organizes your photos, comments, and measurements. Plus, you can attach your company logo to the PDF reports as well! Your customers will love both.
It is a bummer that email has file size limitations. We have the perfect solution. Send your customers the shareable link, which gives them two ways to view your inspection reports. They can view it in our one-of-a-kind interactive format or can easily click "Export As PDF" to save a professional PDF report.
Our Sharable Link will allow you to attach the link to any email so you can easily send it to your customers. No need to integrate. Just click copy and paste.
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  • “SpotOnSite has been a gamechanger for us, especially with communication. Not only between our clients and our sales team, but the communication between our sales team and our production crews has improved. It’s a tremendous tool for communicating what we see out in the field to our customers and presenting it to them in a way they can visually see it and we can explain it to them. It also helps us pass on that information to our crews and makes us a lot more effective. I would recommend SOS to anyone and any business that wants to turn their company up a notch.”
    Mauro Comuzzi
    The Paving Lady
  • “The biggest added value with SpotOnSite is that it saves us time, it increases our efficiencies with creating accurate estimates, and it separates us in a professional way from our competition. It really just makes life easier when going through the assessment process.”
    Jeremy Kochis
    BSI Paving
  • “One of the things I’ve seen SpotOnSite help us the most with is sales! The client is able to know exactly what needs to be done and then it can be transferred directly to operations so the client knows that the crews are going to get the same report. It makes sure everyone knows what needs to be done and that it all gets done right.”
    Jake Abernathy
    Dr. Asphalt
  • “As a company that does weekly inspections, our reports need to look professional. Using SpotOnSite helps us present to our clients in a more professional way and it also allows us to consolidate the information to make it cleaner for our internal team to track!”
    Mauro Comuzzi
    The Paving Lady
  • “SpotOnSite is the tool I have been looking for. After only completing one project/proposal, this app has already made my life so much easier. I am very pleased with how user- friendly it is and I’m excited to start using it on more projects!”
    Matt Codipilly
    R&M Paving Contractors Inc.
  • “I’ve been looking for an app like SpotOnSite for quite some time. Using Google to calculate distances is okay, but your app is amazing. Being able to save projects, and even share them with my crew, helps with productivity on the bigger jobs! Looking forward to using the app more.”
    Conor Van Pelt
    Harry Ewers & Sons Inc.

Are you ready to send and win 2X more bids?

The tool that gets you organized in under 10 minutes. Shareable links? Easy. Professional, high-quality reports? We've got it. And large file problems? Solved. SpotOnSite is the game-changer you've been waiting for.
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