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Bring Order To Chaos With Project Management Software

Imagine this: you’re a contractor with a million things on your plate. You’ve got to bid on new jobs, keep track of former clients, manage your crew, stay organized… the list goes on. How can you possibly keep it all straight without some help? Cue, project management software. With the right tools in place, you can finally bring some order to that chaotic mess of a life – and maybe even have a little bit of downtime too.

SpotOnSite offers just what you need for your construction projects. With a robust, user-friendly interface and a customized user experience, we ensure you have an eye over all business proceedings anytime, anywhere.

1) Helps Save Time on Sub-Contractor Projects

When working with sub-contractors, it’s always a juggling act to keep track of everyone’s progress and make sure the job is getting done on time. With project management software in place, you can easily see what tasks have been completed, who is responsible for what, and when everything is due. This way, there are no surprises and no missed deadlines.

With SpotOnSite, you can send specific instructions to the project site and save time by avoiding multiple visits.

2) Measure and Mark Sites from Your Mobile Device

Use your mobile device to measure large areas and indicate specific areas needing repairs, such as potholes and sprinklers. This helps improve estimating efficiency and accuracy on the job site.

Project management software can help contractors manage their time, material, and resources more effectively while working onsite. By creating tasks, setting deadlines, and assigning responsibilities, project management software helps keep projects organized and on track.

3) Generate Reports

Create daily reports for each site with aerial photos of the measured area and images of any tricky spots. You can share or print reports easily with other team members via email to give everyone a clear view of what task needs immediate attention.

4) Upload Photos and Videos

Every team member working on projects can instantly upload photos and videos to share progress and findings. This helps avoid miscommunication and keeps everyone in the loop.

All uploaded pictures and videos are time-stamped! You can also generate reports and PDFs for both contractors and clients.

5) Mark Spots and Lines

If you want to mark specific spots for later reference, project management software can help. You can also draw lines on the map to highlight areas of focus or concern. This helps run a more efficient and focused project without losing track of anything important.

Project management software is a powerful tool that can help you bring order to chaos. If you’re looking for an app-based solution, SpotOnSite’s project management platform may be the perfect fit for your company or business needs in Miami, FL.

SpotOnSite offers project management software designed for contractors who want to get more done in less time. Schedule a demo today!